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Zahar Bron recorded a programme with the Hermitage Academy of Music Orchestra

A renown violin teacher Zahar Bron together with his Japanese student Mayuko Kamio and the Hermitage Academy of Music Chamber Orchestra (artistic director Saulus Sondetskis) recorded a programme of pieces for one or two violins and orchestra. Many Bron�s students, such as V. Repin and M. Vengerov , belong to the world’s performing elite. The career of the young violinist Mayuko Kamio has also been rather successul to date  she has won prestigious competitions and played with well known orchestras and conductors such as Spivakov and Mehta. The works were performed on splendid instruments by Stradivari (1727) and Guarneri del Jesu (1742). (Sound engineer Alex Barashkin, Petersburg Recording Studio).