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Petersburg Recording Studio

Petersburg Recording Studio was founded in 1959 and is the oldest professional recording studio in St Petersburg. For 25 years (1964 – 1989) it was part of the Melodiya company and was practically the only studio in St Petersburg recording for LPs and CDs. We have been fortunate to have worked with the majority of leading performers from St Petersburg and other Russian musical centres.

The studio is involved mainly in acoustic forms of recording and particularly in the recording of classical music. This is reflected in the choice of both our staff and equipment. We use a hall with natural acoustics (The Lutheran church of St Katherine built in the 18-th century) and have two grand pianos (Steinway and Yamaha).

We offer a full range of services including recording sessions with our own or invited sound producers, assistance in the selection of performers and preparation of recordings for release.

The Studio consists of three main sections:

  • Great hall and control room B for classical music recording
  • Multichannel studio and control room A for rock, pop and jazz music recording
  • Control room C for editing and restoration of old recordings

We also have mobile equipment for recording outside studio
buildings if required.

The Studio has an extensive music archive accumulated over its 53 years in the business which comprises over 4500 titles. It consists of recordings of classical music performed by the best St Petersburg soloists, orchestras and choirs on analog and digital media. We have exclusive rights to the entire archive.